A Local Survey

What do Ottawa citizens actually say about their usage of plastic water bottles?

It’s important to be aware of the huge numbers concerning how the world is affected by disposable plastic water bottles, but equally important is the opportunity to examine what the people in your community actually say on the issue.

Over the course of a few days, we surveyed a random sample of the population in Ottawa with a total of 30 people. The goals of our survey were to determine: a) the number of people purchasing disposable plastic water bottles; b) why they would purchase them; c) the overall awareness and response towards the issue of environmental harm; and d) how locals choose to dispose of plastic water bottles after consumption.

Are we hooked onto our disposable water bottles?

Are we hooked onto our disposable water bottles?

On a whole, the results were pleasantly surprising, with a number of people choosing options indicating they were being more environmentally friendly concerning the issue of disposable water bottles. However, there are still the odd people here and there who choose different options for personal reasons. Some of the reasons why people might choose one option over another, ways we could try to change this, and other analyses regarding each goal are listed on the following pages.


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